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Oct 11, 2022

October Monthly Cause: For 3 Sisters Foundation

The Proffitt Brothers Foundation®, a charitable arm of Spartan Medical Inc., is pleased to announce this month’s featured cause: For 3 Sisters Foundation. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, this exceptional charity is a fitting feature.

For 3 Sisters (F3S) is a national grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness and improving the lives of people affected by breast cancer. It was founded in 2011 by Marshall Moneymaker, resident of Olney, Maryland, and his wife Shannon after Marshall lost all three of his sisters to the disease within two years. While caring for his sister Penny through the terminal stages of her fight, the Moneymakers became acutely familiar with the toll that breast cancer takes on an individual and a family. Marshall watched Penny get turned away by social services when looking for financial assistance to complete her treatment and support herself while going through a divorce, and he swore he would never see another person in her position. After she passed away, Marshall, who is a retired firefighter, committed his life to helping others who have been affected.

For the breast cancer community, F3S provides financial support and resource case management services, while educating the healthy community about breast cancer and the significant value of early detection. Their “Road to Resources” program equips breast cancer patients with the resource support that they’ll need to get through treatment — a charge otherwise left solely to the patient — by providing them integrative resource case management. This program uniquely addresses the inequity present in cancer-treatment, as a patient’s individual physical health, treatment status, education and literacy level, income, and internet access are all unique factors that contribute to one’s ability to carry such heavy physical, emotional, and financial burden. By eliminating that weight, F3S breaks down barriers of access related to breast cancer treatment for all patients, regardless of their circumstances.

Additionally, F3S began a “Men’s Caregiver” support group that encourages participants to engage in social activities such as restaurant meet-ups, billiards, and bowling, after witnessing the discomfort that many people feel in a hospital setting and a lack of similar opportunities for male caregivers of breast cancer patients. “McKenzie’s Corner,” named after Moneymarker’s niece, is a program designed to engage kids in the breast cancer awareness effort and encourage mothers to regularly conduct self-exams. F3S’s “Power of One” program is a nationwide awareness and outreach initiative created to educate communities about breast cancer and the importance of early detection, and to empower people to manage their breast health.

As our October featured charity, Proffitt Brothers Foundation® will be matching donations dollar-for-dollar for the entire month, up to $5,000. We’re also gladly sponsoring their annual charity 5k race known as the “Pink Ribbon Romp” with a $3,000 donation, as well as organizing our own team to participate. Registration is still open and the event is virtual for those who would like to attend. Join us in supporting this remarkable, urgently-needed charity by donating through our website to amplify your impact!

You can donate to For 3 Sisters Foundation by clicking here.

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